> Nothing is perfect: but it never stops us striving to be, and do better. # Why does this blog exist? This blog exists to collate technical, and non-technical sources of information, theories, and ideas around information security and its application to businesses and technology in the real world. # whoami? My name is Stephen Murphy and I'm presently a Product Lead at NinjaOne for RMM. I started my professional life volunteering inside a local non-profit which had been exploited by external IT providers, fleeced by so-called experts, and left in the lurch of service level agreements not worth the paper they were wrote on. Witness to these horrors organisations were put through, it became my personal mission to provide first-class, honest and ethical solutions to information problems. Over the 15 years I spent in technology, I've moved from volunteering thousands of hours at a non-profit, through to supporting and developing over 75 organisations across the UK in a range of sectors including charitable and public sector. This then led into my involvement with numerous tech communities, both from a moderation/administration perspective as a positive contributing member of those communities. Due to this involvement I transitioned to a role with NinjaOne as a Senior Technical Advisor for their incredible community team. On a personal level - I have been interested in computing the majority of my life, working on a wide range of operating systems, using countless technologies and vendors, and always adopting the latest and greatest with enthusiasm. In terms of education, I completed my A levels whilst volunteering and moved on to my BSc (Hons) degree in Business Information Technology, achieving a first-class classification from Northumbria University; my final year project investigated the barriers to information security within small and medium enterprises. # Why do you matter? This is just another blog from a technology professional who has a keen interest in information security. I'm not here to please you, I'm here to offload my thoughts and experiences into a fluid medium - If I've helped you during this process - AWESOME. Feel free to provide feedback on, or question anything within this blog at any time. # Community I'm a big proponent of community and the superpower of those structured groups, a focused collective developing professional and personal relationships. The bringing together a varied pool of professional acumen allows all members to expand their ability as individuals, as an industry, and as a force multiplier as the skills and spread by osmosis over time. You can find me in a number of [technical communities](Communities.md) relating to technology, managed service provision, and modern endpoint management. # Disclaimer All opinions, thoughts and ideas appearing on this blog do not represent the views of my current or former employers, vendors or communities I represent, or any organisations that I hold/have held membership of unless explicitly stated. --- [[Epistemic status|Colophon: Brewing]]