# Context Much like files in the digital age, there's context and metadata behind each and every idea, thought, and the publication of that underlying content. Relating a status of each post and keeping track of it over time gives you, the reader, the context and clarity on the post at hand and my current positioning for the underlying content in relation to This is especially important where you are someone who's views may be taken and accepted at scale because of a status or position of authority. Given the medium at hand and the propensity of information to spread - this felt like an essential piece to updating this site. Throughout the site you'll notice many notes will have statuses such as "bean", "brewing", "brewed", and "over brewed". The initial classification and further transitions through states may not follow a direct or predictable pattern. Relating it to a cup of coffee with the various stages of bean to coffee and beyond is both sensical, and something most people can relate to. The rum distillation process was considered - but that's not widely consumable at scale 🙃. # The States ## Bean Anything in this state is an undeveloped idea. It could be incomplete, needing wider context and research, off-the-cuff, or the start of something great that will change the world. Take these notes with a teaspoon of salt. ## Brewing An idea that has/is being worked on, but may still be premature. There's the hint of something greater, and you make start waking up to smell the coffee at this stage, still early to consume the brew. Inputs are welcome and may form part of the many variables that can be changed during the brewing process. ## Brewed Self-certified and ready for consumption, may not be everyones cup of coffee but by design and my own thought process, this state shows the content has hit the stage where wider consumption is safe. Ultimately this may need further brewing and tweaking depending on how it ages in the light of time and wider taste. ## Overbrewed The state of being bitter and not right to taste. This has not aged well or the content no longer meets the expectations and quality given the wider environment. I may revise the content and it will go back into the brewing stage as part of a fresh batch. Alternatively it could also end up in the sink. ## What eventually comes? the sink. Now in theory, old historical posts and notes that are no longer applicable should be binned and discarded. This would be unusual for a body of work that hits the internet as the internet never forgets. Ideally it should be updated or adapted to fit more modern and up to date ideas and pieces of work. Typically it is rare that notes and ideas reach this stage although this will happen occasionally.