Vendors: moving on.

Photo by Jack B [] / Unsplash [] So after living, working, and breathing

Burnout in IT: Coping

Resolving Burnout Self-care More Sleep Everyone does it, we toss, we turn, we overthink about our woes both personally and professionally. We sit for hours scrolling through social media and other consumption platforms, and then its 3am with work in

NinjaRMM - Bitlocker Query Key

The following script will query the bitlocker recovery key for the C drive and return it into the scrolling event feed for NinjaRMM $BLinfo = Get-Bitlockervolume if($blinfo.ProtectionStatus -eq 'On' -and $blinfo.EncryptionPercentage -eq '100') {write-output

ISO20000 - Supplier Matrix

As part of ISO20000 there's a requirement for a suppliers matrix to analyse vendors and suppliers. The following spreadsheet averages out the scores of each section, and then averages out the sections to provide an overall rating. Each

SyncroMSP: Bitlocker script

The following script works with SyncroMSP to query a client whenever the script is run, then feed the bitlocker status and recovery key back into the endpoint page. #TODO - Make sure you setup a custom field Bitlocker_Key_<

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