NinjaRMM - Bitlocker Query Key

The following script will query the bitlocker recovery key for the C drive and return it into the scrolling event feed for NinjaRMM $BLinfo = Get-Bitlockervolumeif($blinfo.ProtectionStatus -eq 'On' -and $blinfo.EncryptionPercentage -eq '100') {write-output "'$env:computername -

ISO20000 - Supplier Matrix

As part of ISO20000 there's a requirement for a suppliers matrix to analyse vendors and suppliers. The following spreadsheet averages out the scores of each section, and then averages out the sections to provide an overall rating. Each score is

SyncroMSP: Bitlocker script

The following script works with SyncroMSP to query a client whenever the script is run, then feed the bitlocker status and recovery key back into the endpoint page. #TODO - Make sure you setup a custom field Bitlocker_Key_<

Burnout in IT: Background, Causes, and Consequences

The following series of posts is a collection of thoughts, feelings, and general readings over my working life. It is safe to say I fell into the dark hole that most people in the technology sector experience. Burnout. Emotionally exhausted.

Office 365: Shields up - Part 2

So this is a follow up to the previous blog post here. Now for the vast majority of smaller business they'll primarily use Office 365 with very few services tagged on and this rule can be put into place with

Goodbye Wordpress, Hello Ghost

So for over a decade i've had a love-hate relationship with CMS platforms when it comes to both blogging and websites. No matter the CMS platform a common theme and cycle emerged: Plugins. Lack of updates for Plugins feeding into

GDPR - Unintended Consequences

The deadline is looming, and now those hoarding data in the shadows finally reveal themselves It has been a particularly busy week for most, and it's only going to ramp up. You'll be sick of it. That famous phrase that

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