Goodbye Wordpress, Hello Ghost

So for over a decade i've had a love-hate relationship with CMS platforms when it comes to both blogging and websites. No matter the CMS platform a common theme and cycle emerged: Plugins. Lack of updates for Plugins feeding into

GDPR - Unintended Consequences

The deadline is looming, and now those hoarding data in the shadows finally reveal themselves It has been a particularly busy week for most, and it's only going to ramp up. You'll be sick of it. That famous phrase that

Security Posture

All organisations have a security posture whether it is defined or not. Security posture is defined in numerous places, my personal favourite is as follows: The security status of … networks, information, and systems based on IA resources (e.g., people,

Office 365 - Microsoft Teams

Well today has certainly been interesting, teams as a possible slack killer! The lack of documentation to start with has been a bit disappointing. Enable in the portal The enabling is actually well covered on the blog article. To turn

Meraki MX - 802.1x/802.11x failures across VLAN traffic.

Cisco have recently updated the definitions for AMP on the meraki platform. Included in this is the following rule which blocks all NPS traffic. End users experience a constantly disconnecting/reconnecting switch port and/or wifi connection. OS-WINDOWS Microsoft RADIUS

Office 365: Shields up

Office 365 in general is a bit lax when it comes to default protection out of the box. I’ve found that a lot of malicious attachments come through in the form of js files, scr, zips, [insert next exploitable

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