DMARC: You shall not pass.

By this point, you should have tackled both the SPF, and DKIM entries for all of the services sending on your behalf. Well, that you are aware of anyway, there is always more to find and shortly shadow IT, and less than helpful third parties will soon be revealed.

DKIM: Auth me up Scotty

DKIM is discussed extensively by several sources, and this isn't an extensive breakdown of it, ultimately I have working knowledge of it so consider this my idiots guide to the galaxy. DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) as a technology

SPF: Writing the wrongs

Correct and complete SPF configurations seem to escape the grasp and understanding of many a sysadmin, Managed Service Providers, and web developers; from the small business with often simple needs, through to larger firms with dedicated staff to deal with

ISO20000 - Supplier Matrix

As part of ISO20000 there's a requirement for a suppliers matrix to analyse vendors and suppliers. The following spreadsheet averages out the scores of each section, and then averages out the sections to provide an overall rating. Each

Security Posture

> All organisations have a security posture whether it is defined or not. Security posture is defined in numerous places, my personal favourite is as follows: > The security status of … networks, information, and systems based on IA resources (e.

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