NinjaRMM: IP Geolocation

So last year in the thick of Covid - a client requested a quick (and dirty) way to be able to identify endpoints outside of the UK for contractual purposes. Using Powershell and NinjaRMM it's relatively easy to

NinjaRMM - Bitlocker Query Key

The following script will query the bitlocker recovery key for the C drive and return it into the scrolling event feed for NinjaRMM $BLinfo = Get-Bitlockervolume if($blinfo.ProtectionStatus -eq 'On' -and $blinfo.EncryptionPercentage -eq '100') {write-output

SyncroMSP: Bitlocker script

The following script works with SyncroMSP to query a client whenever the script is run, then feed the bitlocker status and recovery key back into the endpoint page. #TODO - Make sure you setup a custom field Bitlocker_Key_<

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